Why Advertise With Sierra Scoop?

Why Advertise with Sierra Scoop?

  • Sierra Scoop reaches households monthly as far south as Lee Vining, CA to Yerington, NV east, to Carson City north (Suburban areas), to Dayton East and every community in between, therefore, most or many of our client’s customers, your customers or your potential buyers or sellers in the respective community or region are reached.
  • Every month, Sierra Scoop is delivered by the USPS to more than 90,000 potential customers. This 100% direct mail approach means your message will reach your potential customers’ home, guaranteed, at no cost to the reader.
  • With 100% Household Penetration – 55% more than daily newspapers – your ad can be hand delivered for less than a penny per household.
  • We have strong readership and response and we’d like you to capitalize on this loyalty.
  • Sierra Scoop has reader acceptance. Local people look forward to each issue and COMPLAIN IF THEY DON’T GET IT.
  • Sierra Scoop is recognized by local businessmen as an effective advertising medium.
  • Sierra Scoop offers zoned distribution which prevents any wasted circulation or dollars spent.
  • Sierra Scoop has the highest number of line ads and display ads compared to other publications.
  • Sierra Scoop gives your ad maximum impact because it does not have to compete with news columns for the reader’s attention.
  • Sierra Scoop offers a better value for your advertising dollar. Compare rates in terms of circulation. Cost per 1,000 of circulation.
  • Sierra Scoop helps readers find what they want and helps them decide where to shop.

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